Contacted by yet another senior citizen of the 19th Ward. Another Graves sign coming down and being buried and replaced by mine. Seems he has been trying to represent himself to the elderly as being unopposed. He knows I am a good friend to the elderly of our community and have organized and sponsored the free Thanksgiving Day food basket to the needy in the past. No greater feeling than delivering a complete Thanksgiving Day meal basket to those families. I would like to also branch out with the program and bless military families in our neighborhood. The good people of the 19th deserve the real deal, not the imposter "forecloser specialist." He claims he knows where the "bodies are buried," after decades of work within the corrupt democratic party? We do not see that as an asset but a liability and a question of his character.

3 weeks until Election Day so please pass the word. and vote for honesty and integrity. 

Dear Friends and Supporters,

My name is Danny Carbol and I am candidate for Republican committeeman of the 19th ward. I am a 30yr decorated veteran Chicago Fire Lieutenant, a proud member of Local 2 and a lifelong Republican.

I have lived in the 19th ward for over three decades. I am married to the lovely Marta Carbol who teaches at Brother Rice High School and am the proud father of three sons, two serving in the military, U.S.A.F. and U.S. Army.

The 19th ward has the second largest voting bloc of Republicans in all of Chicago. I will build a strong ward organization to support our Party and its candidates.

The primary job of a Republican ward committeeman is to oversee the election process and approve Republican election judges, but Democrats don't want a fair process, they want their guys to be the only ones at the polls. That is why they found a life-long Democrat to run against me.

My opponent has pulled Democrat ballots his entire life. He bragged that he was the top Democrat precinct captain in the 19th ward. He only pulled his very first Republican ballot in 2014 after deciding he wanted to run for Republican ward committeeman. He also contributes money to Democrats year after year, and has never contributed to a Republican.

I will make sure election judge positions go to real Republicans. I will be a loyal friend of the members of the Chicago Police Dept., Fire Dept. and the numerous members our military and veterans that call the 19th ward home.

It would be an honor for me to serve the 19th ward which I have proudly called home for over three decades. I respectfully ask for your support in early voting and on March 15th, 2016. Please ask for a Republican ballot and help me defeat the Democrats' plan to take over our Party.

Thank you.

Danny Carbol

P.S. I could use your help. Please contact me to volunteer, get a yard sign or voice your support. Vote for the REAL REPUBLICAN for REAL CHANGE!

~Vote for integrity, honesty and a proven record of active involvement in the Republican Party that spans decades. Request a Republican Ballot and vote for Danny Carbol.~